Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Fotolog and StumbleUpon Announce Content Partnership

StumbleUpons 5 Million Users Access Content From Worlds Largest Photo-Blogging Site and Top 10 Most-Active Social Network

StumbleUpon (www.stumbleupon.com), one of the most popular ways to discover new Web sites and online videos, and Fotolog (www.fotolog.com), the world’s largest photo-blogging website and one of the 10 most-active social networks, announced today a content agreement. Under the agreement, StumbleUpon’s rapidly-growing community of 5 million users will have access to photos posted by Fotolog’s over 18 million members in over 200 countries.

“Our agreement with Fotolog underscores StumbleUpon’s commitment to help our users to discover great content online,” said StumbleUpon General Manager, Michael Buhr. “StumbleUpon users will now enjoy high-quality photo content in the same simple, engaging manner.”

“We’ve joined with StumbleUpon to bring together unique content generated by our members – over 550 million photos posted already and about 1 million new pictures added each day – with one of the most creative ways of discovering terrific content online,” said Fotolog General Manager, Andrew Cohen. “Our content is truly unique because Fotolog members post only one carefully-curated picture a day, unlike users who periodically dump everything in their camera memory onto photo storage sites.”

As of June 18, 2008, Fotolog members are able to post their photos on StumbleUpon by clicking an icon on their personal photoblogs. StumbleUpon members will enjoy Fotolog content from around the world and an introduction to the world’s largest photo-blogging community.